Revitalising Redesdale | Redesdale Revitalises
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Redesdale Revitalises


Redesdale Revitalises

This project would aim to build on the work which is currently been undertaken at Rupert’s Wood, an environmental education project, which links student volunteers from Newcastle with disadvantaged groups in Tyneside and Northumberland. The project uses Rupert’s Wood for wild play, overnight camping to work with children, young people and vulnerable adults to build self-esteem and confidence by giving project participants access to outdoor experiences and opportunities for skills development.
Redesdale Revitalises would aim to extend this approach to other sites within Redesdale linked to conservation projects and outdoor learning.

Redesdale Revitalises would aim to also support other organisations in Redesdale and close by, currently working with disadvantaged groups such as Centre Point (with recovering alcoholics), Barnardos and Groundwork Northumberland to use Redesdale as a place suitable for activities ranging from wild camping, bushcraft and conservation work as part of a therapeutic approach to supporting individuals dealing with issues such as social exclusion, mental health problems or addiction. It may also be possible to work with Active Northumberland to build a programme of health walks.

Redesdale Revitalises will also provide an important resource for the student community looking for volunteering experiences whilst also being able to explore beyond the city. The Rupert’s Wood project is already very popular with international students. In addition to working with disadvantaged groups, Revitalising Redesdale will also work to signpost students and other individuals who are looking for more conventional volunteering experiences including archaeology or ecological recording and conservation activities; it is intended that the project will link these to accreditation opportunities that can support future career aspirations.