Revitalising Redesdale | About Revitalising Redesdale
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About Revitalising Redesdale

Revitalising Redesdale is a £2.8m, Heritage Lottery-funded Landscape Partnership Scheme, which aims to celebrate, conserve and enhance Redesdale’s rich cultural heritage, landscape and wildlife.

The Partnership includes:

  • Natural England
  • Northumberland National Park Authority
  • Northumberland Wildlife Trust
  • Environment Agency
  • Forestry Commission
  • Ministry of Defence
  • The Battlefields Trust
  • Tyne Rivers Trust
  • Otterburn Parish Council
  • Elsdon Parish Council
  • Rochester with Byrness Parish Council
  • Corsenside Parish Council
  • Northumberland County Council
  • Kielder Water and Forest Development Trust
  • University of Newcastle Students’ Union
  • The Redesdale Society


The Vision for Redesdale

Revitalising Redesdale will:

  • Empower local communities to better understand, conserve and enhance a landscape and natural environment forged by centuries of conflict;
  • Celebrate the unique character of the landscape, its biodiversity and its culture, while seeking to build the future resilience of its heritage and identity;
  • Address the threats to Redesdale’s increasingly fragile natural, historic and cultural heritage, which have been heightened by a declining resident population and economic decline;
  • Ensure the local ownership and involvement of projects and schemes developed by the partnership.


Find out more about our projects here.

Why not come and explore Redesdale

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