Revitalising Redesdale | Community Heritage Fund
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Community Heritage Fund

Community Heritage Fund

It is planned to make a total of £50,000 available over the five years until December 2023 for a Redesdale Community Heritage Fund This fund is intended to support community groups, organisations or individuals seeking financial assistance with additional projects which meet the Revitalising Redesdale’s objectives.

Grants are available to encourage original community projects that help people look after, learn about, extend understanding of and celebrate Redesdale’s unique landscape and heritage.

It is hoped that projects will encourage interaction between partner organisations, community groups and local visitors; and encourage better access to heritage assets through community-led action. Through this, local communities can learn about the landscape and actively take part in local initiatives. In the process, it is hoped that the grant scheme will encourage local leadership, build local community capacity and attract new audiences to engage with the area’s heritage.

Grants will be available between £500 and £2000 each. The use of community match-funding is encouraged to show local support. It is envisaged that, over the 5 years, up to 75 grants may be issued.