Revitalising Redesdale | Restoring the Ridsdale Engine House
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Restoring the Ridsdale Engine House

Restoring the Ridsdale Engine House

Often mistaken as a Border Castle, the 1836 engine house in Ridsdale is all that is now visible of the once major ironworks that helped produced the iron used for Newcastle’s High Level Bridge.

Time and inclement weather have taken their toll on the engine house, and the scheduled monument is now on Historic England’s Heritage at Risk register. The need to conserve the engine house, an iconic structure on the A68, has justified it as a prime candidate for inclusion in the Heritage Lottery bid for Redesdale.

Revitalising Redesdale has employed Doonan Architects Ltd to undertake a condition survey of the engine house at Ridsdale and prepare a management plan for its future conservation. The building has been partly surveyed by a drone to look at the condition of the top sections of the monument, as well as detailed inspections made of the walls and supporting foundations. The condition survey has revealed that several sections of the engine house are at risk of imminent collapse due to fractures in the masonry. Revitalising Redesdale are therefore working with the landowners and Historic England to arrange for specialists scaffolding to secure the building, to prevent any further deterioration before conservation work can begin in summer 018.

A copy of the condition survey and management plan will be available on the website shortly.