Revitalising Redesdale | Mapping My Redesdale
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Mapping My Redesdale

Mapping My Redesdale

Revitalising Redesdale took a visit to the Otterburn RTC Sports Club Youth Group to find out what young people thought was important to them in their valley.

Nineteen young people between the ages of 8-15 worked on a series of hand drawn maps in which they drew the things which most mattered to them about where they lived. The young people came from villages across the valley including Byrness, Elsdon, Otterburn and West Woodburn. Family and friend were the most important things for young people, but it was interesting to see what else they put on their maps: football pitches, favourite places to paddle and hide, play grounds, old buildings and even army helicopters.

Revitalising Redesdale hopes to continue to work with the young people in developing their maps, perhaps linking it to a photographic project to ensure we don’t just capture an adult’s view of what should be valued and conserved in Redesdale in the future.

The 19 maps can be viewed on our Facebook page