Revitalising Redesdale | Telling Stories and Engaging with our audience
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Telling Stories and Engaging with our audience

Telling Stories and Engaging with our audience

Revitalising Redesdale commissioned two studies to help our partners better understand the existing and potential audience for the heritage within Redesdale and how best to tell the stories of the valley to inspire and interest both visitors and local people.

The research revealed lots of interesting facts about current visitors to the area, their love of walking, that they tend to be older and that the area particularly attracts men because of the opportunity to participate in more challenging physical activities. The research also highlighted the growth in short breaks and the interest in skills based tourism.

Recommendations from both studies, encourages Revitalising Redesdale’s partners to use events and activities to celebrate Redesdale landscape and heritage. The reports contain recommendations on using art to help interpret the landscape and involve people.  Digital media is also growing in importance and the interpretative strategy makes lots of recommendations of how the project could use apps to help bring the past to life, or help people identify and recognise wildlife within the valley.

The project will be incorporating many of the recommendations into our projects. Both reports will soon be available on the website.