Revitalising Redesdale | Conserving and restoring Redesdale’s heritage
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Conserving and restoring Redesdale’s heritage

About This Project

Redesdale contains a rich diversity of historic remains from Neolithic farming communities, Roman military occupation through to the Anglo-Scottish Border Wars and Border Reivers. Revitalising Redesdale will work to help celebrate that rich heritage and the stories that underpin many of these remains.

  • Conflict in the landscape- research to identify the exact location of the battle of Otterburn with landscape and battlefield archaeologists and find new ways to tell the exciting story of the only medieval battle fought by moonlight.
  • Heritage at Risk- restoration of two key historic sites Ridsdale ironworks and the Roman Fort at Rochester; this project will also look for opportunities to protect other scheduled monuments including the Roman way-markers on the A68.
  • Discovering lost heritage- using the latest LIDAR images and surveying techniques to undercover and record Redesdale rich undiscovered archaeological landscape.