Revitalising Redesdale | People in the landscape
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People in the landscape

About This Project

Revitalising Redesdale will work with local people and with those from further afield to enable them to more directly engaged in learning about the area’s heritage and conserving it for future generations.

We are planning an events and arts programme to involve people, and will be working with Northumberland College and other Universities across the region to use the projects we support to help develop people’s skills, as well as benefit from the peace and beauty of the valley.

  • Events programme -designed to engage local community participation with Redesdale and beyond in their local heritage, and increase awareness and understanding.
  • Redesdale Revitalises- a programme designed to build on the success of Rupert’s Wood in using environmental education and wild play with disadvantaged groups
  • #My Redesdale- an interactive website designed to enable people to share their knowledge and memories about Redesdale to build a series of web-based village atlases to celebrate Redesdale’s cultural and environmental heritage.