Revitalising Redesdale | Strengthening Redesdale’s Ecological Networks
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Strengthening Redesdale’s Ecological Networks

About This Project

Redesdale’s remoteness from main centres of population has resulted in the valley supporting a rich diversity of habitats and wildlife of national and international importance.

In order to protect the area’s rich biodiversity for the benefit of future generations, Revitalising Redesdale will work with partners to improve the area’s resilience to future pressures including climate change, by restoring habitats such as peatland, and strengthening ecological networks through habitat creation.

  • River Rede Restoration – working with landowners and farmers on a range of measures to reduce siltation and diffuse pollution along the river to enhance wildlife, including making the river more suitable for fresh water pearl mussel, by improving water quality.
  • Restoring and creating wildlife habitats- working closely with landowners and farmers to create and restore species rich grassland, new woodland and restore peatland.
  • Ecological recording- using the latest surveying techniques to get a better understanding of Redesdale’s natural heritage focussing on its birds and mammals.